Why we are the organisation to be doing this work

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. 

Albert Einstein

Our partnerships with other organisations mean we are best placed to help give long term solution to deep seated problems.

The formation of The HIVE came out of previous work with the Waddon Inclusion Network group of schools over five years for which we have local authority recognition and credibility. We have also successfully delivered Croydon Children’s University which continues to expand.  We actively seek to work in the gaps beyond the reach of local schools.

The advantage of managing our community hub at St Andrew’s Church means we have the accommodation to respond to the needs of those in our community. For example, we can offer activities such as adult literacy and numeracy in a welcoming and non-threatening environment.

The team at The HIVE, including the Trustees, are all local to Croydon. We care passionately about the future of our borough. We want a successful regeneration of the town that will lead to local people employed by local employers.

All of us have lived and worked in Croydon for a number of years and have a deep-rooted understanding of some of the problems in the borough. 

How will we make this work?

Working with others who share our ambitions

Innovative ideas of our own

Why we know we are needed 

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