Working with others who share our ambitions

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller

The HIVE works with a number of organisations who share our vision of realising potential. 

The HIVE’S work with Age UK through BT Internet Rangers brings teenagers and the older generation together. Sometimes it is about surfing the web and showing its advantages, or showing how to type a letter, but more often, it is about sharing a cosy chat between two generations who might not necessarily think the best of each other.

The HIVE is delighted to work with CALAT to facilitate adult and family learning. Courses have ranged from adult literacy and numeracy, to story making and jewellery making.

The HIVE’S collaborative work with the Children’s University means that we are the best placed in Croydon to offer inspirational, “WOW” learning opportunities for the young people of the borough.  Our graduation ceremonies allow any child to stand taller and be proud of their achievements. We know that confidence gained outside of the classroom then impacts in a positive way both in school and in the wider community.

We ensure that the people we work with to deliver our activities, such as Pro Arts and Upstage, provide the very best individuals to deliver events children are inspired by. 

How will we make this work?

Innovative ideas of our own

Why we know we are needed 

Why we are the organisation to do this work

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