Summer Term 2021

We are pleased to publish our Bumper Summer Activity Pack.  

There are plenty of things to try at home or when you are out and about.

The Hive Chidlren's University Summer Challenges





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CU Trust Lockdown After School Club 2021

Every week during lockdown the CU Trust will publsih a national worksheet with five suggested activities for the week. These will give you or your child fun ideas for activities that can be done at home. There's one for each day of the week, but you can do as many or as few as you like! Each activity is worth 1 credit.

To get a stamp code for Children’s University Online email with evidence - this could be a photograph, video, a work sheet - or a completed reflection sheet.

 Click here for the After School Club week of 1st March

Click here for the After School Club week of 22nd February

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Click here for the After School Club week of 1st  February

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Click here for the After School Club week of 18th January

Download the reflection form as a PDF

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Downloadable Resources for Hive CU Club:


Dr Jo Science

Animals including humans: parts of the body

Animals including humans: staying healthy   

Living things and their habitats: habitats  

Adaptations and interdependence: camouflage  

Animals: adaptations and evolution

Animals including humans: circulatory system 

Counting The Stars Activity Sheet

Counting The Stars Record Sheet KS1

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Playing Fair Activity Sheet KS1

Playing Fair Activity Sheet KS2

Playing Fair Activity Sheet KS3


Autumn 2020

The Hive Winter Challenge

CU Trust Winter Challenge

CU Trust Autumn Term Challenge 2020 

Children's University Club

In place of our holiday Challenges, we are introducing The Hive Children's University Club. This offers a range of activities for our students to complete in their own time at home, over a complete term. We will produce three Club Activity Packs each year and occasionally we will produce seasonal activities for festivals and celebrations.

Autumn Term 2020

Autumn Term Hive Children's University Club Activity Pack

Autumn Term Hive Children's University Club Record Sheet

Download the activity links below to directly access  the Autumn Term Children's University Club resources:


KS1 Science Museum

1: What would life be like without electricity?

Hive Activity Sheet     Science Museum Video

2: What does sound look like?

Hive Activity Sheet     Science Museum Video

3. Do you see what I see?

Hive Activity Sheet     Science Museum Video

4: What’s in the clouds?

Hive Activity Sheet     Science Museum Video

5: Where does the sun go at night?

Hive Activity Sheet     Science Museum Video

6: Where can you find patterns?

Hive Activity Sheet     Science Museum Video

7: Can you lift something heavier than yourself?

Hive Activity Sheet     Science Museum Video

KS2 BBC Terrific Science

Videos and worksheets for all activities listed below:

How to build your own bottle rocket

Marshmallow catapult

Sticky rice

Make a rainbow

Bendy water


ART : Tate Kids

Design your own piece of pop art inspired by this famous artist

Follow along with the video to draw someone you love and then make them into an installationaw

Grab some sand and create some art inspired by the seaside!

Be inspired by nature and use found objects to make your own unique paintings

Be inspired by Olafur Eliasson and make your own colourful kaleidoscope

Take a colourful treasure hunt walk through your neighborhood or around your house
A colour walk is a walk where you try to look for all the colours of the rainbow. You might think of it like a treasure hunt, where the treasure is colour!

Be inspired by Saloua Raouda Choucair's sculptures and stack up your own play dough sculpture.


Grab some bits and bobs from around the house and create an art-inspired robot. Have a look in your recycling for good materials to use. You could try old cereal boxes, magazines or plastic bottles. Tin foil works really well to make a shiny robot!
You might need some adult help when using pliers or scissors.


History of Titanic Discover the story of the RMS Titanic in this activity pack, perfect for finding out more about the Titanic! Titanic Activity Pack

Southampton Through Time Southampton Through Time Activity Pack Dive into the amazing history of Southampton with this fun resource pack.

Mayflower 400 Activity Pack Find out about the Mayflower in this fun activity and information pack.

Hive Challenge: Be a Historian Find out about one person from the past who interests you. Make a fact file on this person. Make a list of 10 interesting facts about them and tell us why you have chosen them. Draw a Picture of them.

Off With Their Head: Find out more about the terrifying Tudors in this pack filled with activities to do at home or at school.

Write you Own Spooky Story Use this pack to help you write your own spooky story set in Tudor House. A fantastic resource to encourage your imagination!

Black History Month

Museum of Croydon

Croydon’s Famous Music History

Draw a picture of a famous black Croydon resident (or just your favourite Croydon black resident) using our frame.

Post it on social media using #MOCBlackhistorymonth and we will share them!

Activity can you complete this word search containing words relating to music in and out of Croydon


Activities: Migration:

  • Colour in or collage the drawing of the Hengist plane which is similar to the passenger planes flown to and from Croydon Airport
  • Design and write a postcard to a loved one.

Find Downloads :


Fairtrade Foundation

Thank you for the chocolate:

A story about thanking the people who make our food. Tom receives a very special gift on his birthday. But as his Grandma reminds him, when you receive the gift of chocolate, there’s more than one person you have to say thank you to!

Patrick’s Virtual Visit

Home Learning Challenge sheet available for ages 7-11

Patrick talks about climate change and the impact it is having on tea farmers in the part of Kenya where he lives. There are also supporting documents and activities including:

A Home Learning Challenge sheet

A worksheet for students – using Google Maps or an atlas to find out more about where tea is grown plus a design activity where students think about what information they want to see on packaging

Film length: 06m 47s

Pawprint Badges

Remembrance Day - 2020

 Challenge packs comprise of 4 sections: games, food, craft and other.

March 2020

25th March 2020

We are aware that children and families are currently being directed to participate in a wide range of online learning activities and parents may be concerned about internet safety.

 We are ‘Thinkuknow’ Ambassadors and it is our pleasure to share with you a brilliant set of resources called #OnlineSafetyAtHome.

Thinkuknow is an education programme from National Crime Agency (NCA) and Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP), a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.

We will provide 1.5 hours of Children's University Learning for all completed activities upon submission of evidence, in the usual way, to us by email.

Here are the downloadable resources:

Thinkuknow Activity Sheet age 4-5

Thinkuknow Activity Sheet age 5-7

Thinkuknow Activity Reward Chart age 4-7

Thinkuknow Activity Sheet age 8-10

Thinkuknow Activity Sheet Age 11-13 

Thinkuknow Activity age 14

 Thinkuknow website 

Croydon CU Spring Newsletter

Activities to do at home and online

Children’s University is all about encouraging participation in learning beyond the classroom. At present many of the destinations, clubs and social spaces that we typically signpost people to are not as accessible as they would normally be due to the spread of COVID-19. 

Croydon CU Seasonal Challenges are changing

We have been asked by some parents if they could have longer to complete the seasonal challenges, as sometimes there isn’t time to complete all the challenges the children would like to do. We think it is great that children want to complete more, so we are going to publish Termly Challenges which will cover some school holidays too!

The next Challenge is now ready and is called ‘The Summer Term Challenge’ starting from the beginning of the Easter school holiday and will run to the end of the Summer Term 2020.  The activity folder sheets (can be downloaded below) should be completed for each activity and emailed to by the end of September 2020, parents can support younger children to complete these. We will email a certificate with the relevant CU Codes to claim the credit.  We are happy to receive several activity sheets at a time so that individual codes can be included on one certificate.

This will be followed by our usual ‘Summer Holiday Challenge’ covering August and then ‘The Autumn Term Challenge’ will run from September to the end of December 2020.

The Hive Summer Term Challenge 

Summer Term Activity Folder Sheets 

Challlenges shared with us by our CU partners:

East London CU Bumper Challenge sheet

Essex and Suffolk CU Bumper Challenge Sheet


Resources from Children's University Trust

Activities to do at home and online

Learning can take place anywhere including the home and online. Here are resources from our network and all across the world in order to keep you active, learning and entertained! We’ve put these into different categories so you can easily find something new to do.

February 2020

The Hive February Challenge 2020

The CU Trust February Half Term Challenge

Spring Term Activity Folder evidence sheets

Please note for all challenges completed an activity evidence sheet must be completed in order to retrieve the CU Online Code, parents and carers of younger children can help their children to complete these. Completed sheets should be emailed to and the code will be sent by return.


December 2019

The Hive Children's University Christmas Challenge

Christmas Newsletter

Autumn Term Activity Sheets

My Winter Reading Mini Challenge Reading Record

Children's University Trust Winter Challenge


The Children’s University has a number of activities and resources that you can download and complete either at home or take with you to a learning destination.


You can also find the learning providers in the area  where you live as well as when you are  visiting family and friends away from home or on holiday  on the Children’s University Digital Platform:

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