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Children's University Information for schools

Children's University Information for schools

A subscription to The Children’s University can provide the catalyst you need to:


  • STIMULATE pupils and students to engage in activities outside school-hours including those generated by the school and others in the wider community
  • ENGAGE with a nationally recognised award scheme
  • TRACK individuals’ and specific cohorts’ participation to support an analysis of the correlation between personal development and academic focus
  • FOSTER an enthusiasm for volunteering and holding positions of responsibility in school


Through the Children’s University, pupils aged 5 to 18 are encouraged to engage in a wide range of out-of-hours activities which develop their awareness of creative, active, academic and cultural spheres, as well as service to others. They acquire the habit of using their leisure time productively. They develop better social skills. They grow as individuals, with improved self-discipline and focus.


As soon as a school signs up their pupils, they will be able to monitor the participation and report on the activities that they take part in, both inside and outside of school. Easy-to-use printable reports will show what extra-curricular opportunities the school has to offer their pupils, what skills are being developed in line with the Skills Builder framework, and what categories of learning are popular and where there is opportunity for development. It will also provide an easy way to monitor the number of encounters their pupils have with employers and FE/HE environments in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.


Email us today to find out our selection of membership packages and we will find one to suit your size of school.

Speech given by David Matthews, Chair of The Board of Trustees, Graduation November 2018

November 2019 Graduation at Milton Mount Primary School, Crawley




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