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 We are delighted to welcome you all to be part of Children's University (CU) and hope that your dedicated page is helpful to you.

The Hive, a registered charity, delivers Children's University in Croydon and extends to parts of Surrey and Sussex.  It is also part of the National Children’s University Trust (  One of our aims is to formally recognise, reward and celebrate the commitment that young people (aged 5 -19) make in attending extra-curricular activities.

These activities can be before school, at lunch time, after school, at weekends and in school holidays. Students collect points in their ‘Passport to Learning’ between the ages of 5 – 14. Our post-14 students are still part of our awards’ scheme through our ROUTES  programme, with the same opportunities to collect points for their extra-curricular activities, but they are able to then reflect on the skills they have learned by signing in to our on-line CV builder – preparing them for the wider world of work.

We have hundreds of young people participating in CU activities and expect membership in Sussex to have increased by the end of the year. They are experiencing new and exciting opportunities by taking part in a varied menu of activities, meeting new friends, gaining self-confidence and improving self-esteem, all whilst working towards special achievement certificates.

 The benefits to young people who are part of CU are:-

  • an opportunity to be part of a scheme in the county supported by The HIVE and National CU
  • formal recognition of their commitment and involvement in extra-curricular activities, with special achievement certificates awarded
  • increased confidence and self-esteem as they take part in more varied activities
  • improvement in their health and well-being

All CU activities, registered under the scheme, are attributed to one of 6 categories: Academic, Active, Creative, Culture, Nature and Service to Others. Croydon CU follows the National Children’s University Award Scheme.

Each young person belonging to the CU can buy a ‘Passport to Learning’ which will be stamped for each activity, accrediting them with an appropriate number of hours.

Awards are the first step on the ladder to a Children’s University Degree and are celebrated as follows:


  • BRONZE Award Certificate.

30 hours of activity in at least 2 different categories, qualifies for Bronze


  • SILVER Award Certificate.

65 hours of activity in at least 3 different categories, qualifies for Silver               


  • GOLD Award Certificate.

100 hours of activity in at least 4 different categories, qualifies for Gold

All extra-curricular clubs outside school, such as performing arts, dance and drama, sports, any Uniform Groups (guides, scouts, brownies, cubs etc) can count towards the awards as long as the activity provider is accredited by us. Older students can become CU Volunteers, who plan and organise CU activities or work with other CU partners.

CU Online FAQs Sheet


Children are invited to attend a graduation ceremony with their families which is held in partnership with Mansfield College, Oxford University when they have acquired the correct number of hours. If you have any questions or require any further information please contact Lesley Stout -

We are currently talking to many organisations in your local area to bring you a rich and exciting menu of activities to try at weekends and holidays.

Activities for Pupils

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Summer Newsletter 2019

Summer Challenge 2019

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Crawley Museum

Croydon Children’s University is working in partnership with Crawley Museum to provide children and families with a series of town trails and worksheets, as part of our programme of learning at weekends and during the school holidays.

 We suggest you start by visiting the Museum which is packed full of interesting information about the history of Crawley.

The first thing you’ll learn when you take a look around Crawley Museum, is where the building gets its name from.

The building was named ‘The Tree’ in recognition of a huge elm tree that once stood beside it. The Crawley Elm reached at an estimated 140ft (40m) in its full glory and stood on Crawley Green for over 400 years. Sadly, its life was completely ended in 1935 after an aggressive storm took down what remained.

 Our trails are intended to take you out and about in the town centre and locality to discover more about your town.  Take your completed trails into the museum to have your Passport Stamped.

Download the activities here:

Trail 1

Trail 2

Trail 3




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