At Croydon Children’s University we provide all children aged 5-18 years with the opportunity to take part in exciting learning activities outside of the normal school day.

The activities can be after school, before school, at weekends and during the school holidays. Whilst taking part in these activities you can collect stamps for every hour that you attend You work towards a national certificate presented at a Graduation Ceremony.

Any activity that can be studied at University can be validated to become a learning destination.

If you are a Children’s University member, you will have been given your passport in which to collect stamps for your hours of learning at the validated learning destinations, whether at your school, in the holidays, and at public venues.


 Why students like Children's University


My name is Kirsty and I am doing this blog to tell you all the wonderful things that I do with Children's University. I belong to the Croydon Children's University which does some really interesting things for us. There are so many different activities that you can do and on my blog you will see some of them. I am also an ambassador who can tell you even more about what I do. My aim for when I have finished the blog is to get more people to sign up and for more people to know about the Children's University. Every year, new faces turn up to the graduations. I started when I was seven but it is never too late to join up. I haven't written about everything I do but I have added photos and some information about some of the activities and some of the places I have visited.

Take a look a Kirsty's Blog

Parents - Kirsty's Mum has very kindly added 'A Parent's Safe Guide to Blogging' in the introduction. If you would like to set up a blog with your child, please read it.  Croydon Children's University promotes safe internet use to students in all our workshops that involve using the internet.



Children's University Online

Children’s University has just introduced Children’s University Online – our new digital platform that is a fun, safe and secure online space for participants to record what they are doing. Children use this alongside their ‘Passport to Learning’, collecting stamps in their passports that can then be posted online where they'll unlock additional information about their activities.

It is great for children, families and schools and makes it easier for learning providers to get their activities validated.

Children now collect stamp codes in their ‘Passport to Learning’ that they can then add online. By adding their codes to Children's University Online they unlock further information showing them the interests and skills they're developing through participation. All children have their very own dashboard which helps them see how they are progressing towards the next award level. They reflect on the skills they are building which helps them select new activities. There are also online-only exclusive badges that can be collected between graduations.



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