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Croydon Children’s University is a borough wide scheme delivered by The Hive-Croydon, a registered charity.  It is also part of the National Children’s University Trust (  One of our aims is to formally recognise, reward and celebrate the commitment that young people (aged 5 -19) make in attending extra curricular activities. These activities can be before school, at lunch time, after school, at weekends and in school holidays. Students collect points in their Passport to Learning from the age of 5 – 14. Our post 14 students are still  part of our awards scheme through our  Routes a programme, with the same opportunities to collect points for their extra curricular activities, but they are able  to then reflect on the skills they have learned by signing in to our on-line CV builder – preparing them for the wider world of work.

 We have hundreds of young people participating in  CU activities and expect membership to have increased by the end of the year. They are experiencing new and exciting opportunities by taking part in a varied menu of activities, meeting new friends, gaining self confidence and improving self esteem, all whilst working towards special achievement certificates.

 The benefits to young people being part of CU are:-


  • An opportunity to be part of a borough wide scheme supported by The Hive and National CU
  • Formal recognition of their commitment and involvement in extra curricular activities, with special achievement certificates awarded
  • Increased confidence and self esteem as they take part in more varied activities
  • Improvement in their health and well being


All CCU activities registered under the scheme are attributed to one of 5 categories: Academic, Active, Creative, Culture, Nature and Service.  CCU follows the National Children’s University Award Scheme

 Each young person attending a CCU activity can buy a ‘Passport to Learning’ which will be stamped with the number of hours accredited. Students will also be able to log their activities via the E-Passport system. 

 Awards are the first step on the ladder to a Children’s University Degree and are celebrated as follows:

  •  BRONZE Award  Certificate.

30 hours of activity in at least 2 different categories, qualifies for Bronze

  • SILVER Award Certificate.

65 hours of activity in at least 3 different categories, qualifies for Silver

  • GOLD Award Certificate.

100 hours of activity in at least 4 different categories, qualifies for Gold


All extra curricular clubs outside of school, such as performing arts, dance and drama, sports, any Uniform Groups (guides, scouts, brownies, cubs etc) can count towards the awards as long as the activity provider is accredited and is a member of CCU. Older students can become CU Volunteers, who plan and organise  CU activities or work with other CU partners.

Children are invited to attend a graduation ceremony with their families  which is held  in partnership with Mansfield College, Oxford University when they have acquired the correct number of hours.

  If you have any questions or require any further information please contact Lesley Stout, Executive Director,The Hive




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Award presented by Mayor of Croydon,  Cllr Wayne Trakas Lawlor



The Mayor, Councillor Patricia Hay Justice and 

Chancellor Lucinda Rumsey with proud student 




The Mayor, Councillor Yvette Hopley  wth a successful  graduate


Sylvia McNamara, Director or Education,

Children and Families , LB Croydon  




First Graduation at The Barbican Centre London

with Mayor fo Croydon cllr  Graham Bass and

Ger Grauss CEO Chidlren's Univerity Trust

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