"Under The Shadow of Your Wings"

Under the Shadow of Your Wings


David Matthews

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It is not every day that Croydon inspires a play which entertains, whilst still grappling with important questions. Under the Shadow of Your Wings, however, does just that. It is an original drama, performed by a professional cast in a new venue.

On one level, Under the Shadow of Your Wings explores the relationships between three women: Mary Barker and her two daughters, Dorothy and Cicely. Cicely is a talented artist and the other two women are obliged, for different reasons, to define themselves in reaction to that. On another level, the play looks at Art, its purpose and the inspiration behind what Cicely paints. This pushes the play into a metaphysical dimension as the characters, over the years, grapple with spiritual questions about mankind’s relationship with God. References to fairies, Peter Pan, angels and swans are charged with a cultural and spiritual importance.

Although the play focuses on the three women, men are neither secondary nor peripheral. They have a significant influence on the women and the play explores issues relating to gender during the first half of the 20th century.

The action of the play is bound by the two World Wars. This troubled time provides an appropriate context in which to explore questions about whether one may seek to escape the reality of daily life or whether one has a responsibility to confront the way things are.

Under the Shadow of Your Wings is a play with multi-dimensional appeal .


Under the Shadow of Your Wings will be playing for just three nights on 9th, 10th and 11th July at St Andrew’s Church, Southbridge Road, Croydon.

Please book your tickets (£15 each; £13 concession) without delay. You can do so through the following link:



Under the Shadow of Your Wings

a unique story – timeless questions

Inspired by the life and work of Cicely Mary Barker


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