In place of our holiday challenges, we have introduced our Children’s University Club. This offers a range of activities for our students to complete in their own time at home, over a complete term. We will produce three Club Activity Packs each year.

We will also produce seasonal activities for festivals and celebrations. 

Find all of the club activities to download below.

The Hive Children’s University Club Activity Files

The Hive CU Club Spring 2023

The Hive CU Club October 2022

The Hive CU Club Summer Holidays

The Hive CU Club Summer 2022

The Hive CU Club Spring 2022

The Hive Children’s University Winter Challenge

Autumn 2021

Summer 2021

CU Trust Holiday Challenges

Summer Challenge 2022

June Half Term Challenge Sheet

Easter Challenge Sheet

Children’s University Trust February Half Term Challenge

Children’s University Trust Winter Challenge 2021

Children’s University October Challenge Sheet! Here are five new things you could do – from spooky stories to Autumnal collages. Have fun!

Skills Builder Weekly Challenges

4th February 2023

Ask a member of your family or friend to tell you about their day in detail. Ask them to include details like what time they got up, when and what they had for lunch, who they talked to and what activities they did. Write down what you can remember. Read your notes back to the family member / friend. Could you remember the key parts of their day? Try again with another family member or friend. Did you remember any more this time? Try taking notes as they are talking instead of afterwards. Does this help you remember more? Are there any tactics you can use to help you remember the important information you hear?

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