Getting Started

 Children’s University Learners are issued with their own Passport to Learning.  They use this to record their participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school.  They are working towards National Certificates which recognise, reward and celebrate their achievements. Certificates are presented at a Children’s University Graduation Ceremony.

Children’s University Awards

Awards are the first step on the ladder to a Children’s University Degree and are celebrated as follows:

BRONZE Award presented for 30 hours of participation

SILVER Award presented for 65 hours of participation

GOLD Award presented for 100 hours of participation

Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates, Awards, Diplomas and Degrees are collected at key milestones right up to the highest award of 1000 hours of learning.

There are a wide range of clubs and organisations outside of school, such as performing arts, dance and drama, sports, any Uniform Groups (guides, scouts, brownies, cubs etc) can count towards the awards as long as the organisation is accredited by us as a Children’s University Learning Provider. These can be accessed either in school, locally, nationally and in some cases as online learning.

Full access to activities available in school, locally, nationally and online are accessible via a CU Online Platform

Older students can choose to become Children’s University Ambassadors or Volunteers, who plan and organise CU activities or work with other CU partners.

Graduation Ceremonies

When students have acquired the correct number of hours they and their families are invited to attend a graduation ceremony. These celebrations are held in partnership with Mansfield College, Oxford University and The University of Winchester. These are wonderful celebrations which bring together children, families, school and key members of the community. We invite key guests to speak to the students including prominent local dignitaries such as the local mayor, to present the awards.

What parents say about our Graduations:

“Thank you for a lovely evening, it was so well organised and a really special occasion.  Charlie wasn’t sure what to expect, never having been to one of the graduation ceremonies before, but it’s inspired her to work towards her next award. “

“The Graduation Ceremony last week was very well organised and Harmony looked so sweet in her little blue outfit!! At some point, I started to imagine her becoming an accomplished writer… as she keeps saying “I want to be an author”  and spends most of her time writing her next story. I certainly adore her imagination “

“Can I say before I start that the graduation ceremony on Thursday night was absolutely inspirational! It was touching to see the pride of both the young people, and their parents in attaining their awards! It is a fantastic way to get young people to broaden their horizons, develop new skills and give confidence to the next generation.”

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