The HIVE proactively seeks solutions to the issues that negatively affect people’s lives by taking a long-term strategic view.

Our team at The HIVE reaches out and gives opportunities to vulnerable people unable to make life chances for themselves. The work of The HIVE helps local children realise what kind of adults they can be.

It is not good enough to apply sticking plasters onto vulnerable adults without having first attempting to guide and nurture young people who dare to dream of better lives for themselves.

Mark’s Story

Mark had huge problems at school. He had little social skills to be able to cope with learning and as a result was unfocussed and behaved aggressively. He was at real risk of exclusion.  The team at The HIVE encouraged his involvement in Croydon Children’s University™. Mark has been a success story, wanting to come to the activities, wanting to learn and build up his points. Both school and his parent’s say Mark’s participation in Croydon Children’s University™ has made a huge difference to both his behaviour and the way he is now able to cope with all that life throws at him. He is no longer at risk of exclusion from school.

Our projects

  • Contribute to social mobility
  • Encourage community cohesion
  • Give practical life skills
  • Build confidence
  • Inspire the curiosity to learn and to keep learning

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