There are so many reasons to get your school involved in Children’s University. The Education Endowment Foundation has Children’s University listed as a promising project; our focus on activities beyond the classroom is a great fit for Ofsted’s new focus on character development; and our digital platform, Children’s University Online, can support your school with skills development and reporting against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Essential life skills

Children’s University is a proud member of the Skills Builder partnership, committed to supporting essential skills development. All activities validated through Children’s University are linked to the Skills Builder framework so that the pupils in your school can reflect and build upon the skills being developed through participation.

Children’s University supports and encourages your children and young people to develop these essential life skills:

  • Listening – being able to listen and understand information
  • Speaking – being able to share information or ideas with others
  • Problem Solving – being able to find a solution to a challenge or situation
  • Creativity – using your imagination to create new ideas or objects
  • Staying Positive – using tactics to overcome setbacks and to achieve goals
  • Aiming High – setting clear, high targets and having a way to achieve them
  • Leadership – supporting, encouraging and motivating others to achieve a goal
  • Team work – work cooperatively with others

Careers education

Schools that are part of Children’s University can monitor the number of encounters their pupils have with employers and FE/HE environments in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Our School Membership Packages

We appreciate that schools are juggling budget constraints and time is of the essence. We have developed a series of subscription levels to suit all sizes from very small to very large pupil roles. We can tailor make a package for individual school needs. We can provide hands on admin support to set up your pupils onto the digital platform alongside all your in school co-curricular activities.

We will visit school to introduce Children’s University to staff, parents and children. Deliver assemblies, offer training sessions to students and parents. Provide bespoke CU Club activities and holiday challenges for students to complete at home and validate all your co curricular activities.

We welcome schools to have a talk to us about joining Children’s University and together we can plan the best package to suit the school’s individual needs.

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